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about ORDWe offer effective and affordable marketing media for Young Living Independent Distributors. Ignite your essential oil business!

Consider a subscription. For only $55 a year or $5 a month, you will receive engaging marketing materials that will have you on the path to Royal Crown Diamond!

For more information on what you can expect, check out our Knowledge Base, or feel free to contact us at: help (at) oilrevolutiondesigns (dot) com

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  • My team members love getting the rank recognition cards in the mail with the gift I send them! I use the welcome cards to welcome new team members and the oil anniversary cards to send to people about to go inactive. Every new team member gets a new small starter guide and lid label set. I've even used the guide to lead a 101 workshop. I send the thank you cards out when a team member has been especially helpful or even to a prospective new member when appropriate. Sometimes I even include a little sample of Gratitude oil with the card. --Genelle G.

  • Just had my first class since getting my launch kit...was amazing to be able to have the starter guides for everyone to follow along with! Also used the thank you notes to thank a PSK purchaser! --Mary S.

  • ORD has been a huge blessing in this oily biz! I love using the starter guides in classes and to send to potential new members. The annual subscription provides amazing personalized graphics that are always just what I need! Thank you, ORD, for always knowing exactly what we need!! --Amber H.

  • Love having my info preprinted on graphics. I just downloaded the starter guide presentation. Made reaching my class super easy!! --Judy H.

  • It has helped me share on social media and frees me up to spend my time with my family spending my free time creating my own graphics. --Carrie L.

  • Oh my stars, yes! I love giving the small starter guide booklets to new enrollments and also to those who are still curious. They are easy to keep in a purse and take with me for unexpected conversations. --Rebecca I.

  • ORD has brilliantly created compliant, modern, informative products that I feel confident sharing with new members. The starter guides are a hit at our 101 classes. Prospects get so much useable information from the guides without feeling overwhelmed. --Amy G.

  • I am so grateful for ORD! I can focus on building my business and serving those in my organization instead of stressing over putting together graphics and materials to educate with! --Kathy D.

  • The teaching series' take all the guess work out for beginners! When you're new & learning about the oils, compliance, and have no idea how to make graphics yourself; this site does that all for you! I also love the share kits & the materials are top-notch. --Wendy S.

  • I love ORD! Everything is so nicely done, current, affordable and so easy to use. It saves me time and money. --Shawna L.

  • My favorite part of ORD is my annual subscription. The monthly graphics are relevant and the design is so fresh it makes it fun to share them. I especially love the graphic series that can be used for themed classes both live and online! --Katy H.

  • ORD has simplified my business life and made me more efficient, consistent, and effective. I teach with, share, and gift the starter guides. I use sooooo many of the graphics and love being able to pull classic ones out of The Vault. ORD makes my life easier!! --Lee T.

  • It is wonderful to have compliant information to give to prospectives and current customers. It helps my confidence because I can direct them right to the information and they can have my information right in their hands. --Pam L.

  • "Oh goodness! ORD graphics look AMAZING and SO professional and have been wonderful for me to share and get prospects' attention and new members signed up! I REALLY enjoy the chemical free class /graphics and they have changed the whole ballgame of my biz! Thank you for this opportunity!!!" --Kristen T.

  • The Launch Kits are the BEST!!!  Such a great way to get your business started :).  Large starter guides for teaching classes, small starter guides to help your friends who order their kit get started, trifolds to give to people who want to learn a little more, and super adorable notecards to welcome people to the oily side and to show Gratitude to your team!!!  Ok.  So with all of that, you're probably thinking that's worth like a million bucks!!! But no... Super inexpensive!  Now go get em!!! --Amber E.

  • I love the postcards! I send them to all my team members when they advance rank and just used them as goal cards too. And love the oil anniversary ones as well!! So nice to have something I can easily send to let someone know I'm thinking of them. And the sample kits are just amazing!! So well made with beautiful labels and info cards - again just saving on time to make them on my own. I'm truly a fan of ORD and believe that every distributor should have a vault subscription. The graphics for classes have been invaluable!! " --Kristin B.

  • Thank you so much for the presentation last night--- it was so enlightening! Who knew ORD had so much to offer! I'll be purchasing the annual subscription and am looking forward to trying out the share kit and launch kit! More than anything, I loved that you are spirit lead and could see your servant heart shining through! Keep helping people change lives lady! ❤️ --Liz F.

  • Oh my goodness!!! Lori these are amazing!!!!!! Thanks so much! --Amanda G.

  • oh. my. word. This is THE BEST TIMING EVERRRRRR!!! I was just busting my buns to do a class like this next Thursday, revamping & updating an old one. You just saved me MILLIONS of hours. Thank you!!! --Melissa T.

  • These are just fantastic! I was excited last night when I saw the theme on my phone but I'm on my laptop now and downloaded them and you did a wonderful job! Thank you so much! --Andrea M.