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Create Facebook Event Headers

Facebook event headers are a great way to grab attention in people’s news feeds for your Essential Oil classes and parties! If there is a visually interesting event header graphic, people will be more likely to click, share, and show up!  Ready to learn how? It’s easy, so let’s get started! step1

*This tutorial uses the Pixlr Editor (free online).


1. Create a new image

step 1

2. Name it, and select your width and height (784×295) by changing the values (you can ignore the presets drop down box).  You can leave “Transparent” unchecked.

step 2

3. Now you must consider your layout.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Avoid words or details on the bottom where the date and title line will be shown
  • If you have a person’s face in your image, then it doesn’t matter where you place them, the thumbnail will show the face.
  • If you are not using a person’s image in your header, consider using the “Red Box Rule” by  placing content in the top center in a way that will make the event show up well in the event’s thumbnail.

step 3a

4. Use text, insert images you’ve already created, move them and place them where necessary.


5. How do you know where the red area is in the middle? Add your text or place your image at 248 pixels, and stop it at 536 pixels.

step 5

6. Save your finished header as a .jpeg and then upload it to your Facebook Event!

step 6 step6a

Notice how it appears in the events calendar if you do follow the “red box” rule above. Also realize some rules were meant to be broken. If placing something in the box construes your design, do not stress over it!

calendar view

This event had a beautiful header, but notice how it appeared in the calendar/thumbnail view. Again, something to consider, but not stress over!

calendar view 2

Speaking of events – Join me September 16th for a demo!!