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Host a Google Hangout on Air

Want a FREE platform to do a webinar that makes it super easy for your viewers and records it and posts it immediately for playback forever? All you have to do is share a YouTube link with them and they click it and watch. There’s no easier way to share it with your teams. You can have up to 10 presenters with you too! The answer is Google Hangouts on Air! Here’s how to host one of your own –

1. Create a Google+ account if you don’t already have one.
2. Go to Home in the top left corner

13. Select “Hangouts”
4. Select “Hangout on Air” in the top middle, then the blue “Start a Hangout on Air” (don’t worry, you are just scheduling it here, not actually starting it that moment).

5. Input all the meeting details

36. It will then take you to your event page. You can share this page with people if you want, but it mostly confuses people, especially those who work mostly in Facebook.

7. You can spice up your event page with a header image or a trailer for the video it previews by clicking “Edit Event”, then “Change Theme” (940x280px image size if you upload a custom header).

8. Scroll down to the Details section on the right, and click on the “Links” section

9. You will then see a popup that gives you 3 links. In my opinion, the easiest option is to share the “YouTube Page” link on your Facebook event page (if that’s how you initiated your audience about your webinar).
If you have a blog, you can also embed the video on your blog and direct people to your blog to view the Google Hangout on Air.

10. When it’s time for you meeting, go back to your event page and click the “start” button. You will not be broadcasting yet though, so don’t worry!

11. If you are hosting with someone else, Click this button and copy the URL in the box and send it to your cohost.

12. If you’d like an “overlay” that says who you are when you talk. You’ll need to install the Google Toolbox app.
13. Create your “overlay” on the bottom of your screen by clicking the Google Toolbox button and editing the fields on the right hand side of your screen.
• Click the 1st icon on the top left
• Slide the Off button to On
• Enter Your name in the top line & a tag line on the second row.
Lori Gordon

12It will look backwards to you but it’s normal for everyone else


14. Get your document ready to share! Open up the presentation on your computer.
15. To share Click the green screenshare button-

16. Highlight your doc and click “Start Screenshare”. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are sharing a .ppt file, you cannot share it in full screen mode. It will not advance so you’ll be stuck on the original slide forever on the playback, even though you think you went through all slides. My recommendation is to share a PDF in full-screen mode!

15*When you don’t want to share, just go back to your google Hangout window (it will be a separate browser window).

17.When you are ready to go and start broadcasting/recording on the YouTube page (or your blog if you embedded it), you click the START BROADCAST button at the bottom!

18. It will ask you if you want to “Go Live”, click “OK.

19. Once you see it is “Live” in the top right hand corner, you can begin talking!

20. When your meeting is over, click “Stop Broadcast”

The YouTube link you shared initially will also be the recording link! That’s it! So easy!